Alki Project Update 9-15-15

Crestline Builders LLC has been making steady progress on the 63rd Ave SW Townhomes just off of Alki Beach in Seattle, WA. The project consists of 3 separate buildings totaling 7 residential units. In the last several weeks the site has been cleared, excavation has been completed. We also have done a new sewer line using a trenchless technology as to not disturb the road and impede traffic.

With the sewer lining completed and excavation done for the time being, we have moved onto forming the foundation for 2 of the 3 buildings. Due to the size of the property, we have to do the foundations in 2 stages as the dirt has to be staged in the location of the 3rd building on the site. 

We will keep you posted as vertical construction starts moving forward on this fantastic project in Seattle, WA.

Pidgeon Point foundation progress

After the foundation footings were poured, Crestline Builders LLC has been making good progress on the Pidgeon Point project in West Seattle. Forming and reinforcement placement for the foundation walls is complete and the foundation concrete will be poured later this week. Crestline Builders LLC has extensive experience in building projects on steep slopes and critical areas.

63rd Ave Townhomes - Alki Project off to a great start

Crestline Builders LLC is off to a great start on the 63rd Ave Townhomes on Alki Beach in Seattle, WA. Asbestos abatement was completed late last week and we are well underway with the next phase of demolition of the old buildings. Looking forward to moving on to the site work and vertical construction of the residences.

63rd Ave SW Townhomes - New Alki Project

Crestline Builders LLC has started a new project on Alki in West Seattle. The project consists of 2 3-unit Townhomes and a single family residence set on a triangular lot. We are in the process of asbestos abatement from the 3 small residences that will be demolished to make way for the new 63rd Ave SW Townhomes. Below is a rendering of what the finished product will look like. We look forward to moving forward with demolition and construction on this project.